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Tiny and Mini Combo Class.  Our popular Ballet/Tap combo class offers students two classic styles of dance in just one class! Each class begins with learning some fun rhythms of tap dancing and then transitions into practicing the essential fundamentals of ballet including learning the French terminology. The combination class is ideal for the younger children, because they have shorter attention spans. Preschool students pay attention better and learn more without the distraction of visitors. Observation Day is held for family members of the preschool students on a Saturday in January. If a child is having separation anxiety, we will work with the parents to make that transition as smooth and easy as possible. Most children are fine within a few minutes of their parents leaving. We will notify parents if anyone is not having fun once dance class has started!

Tiny and Mini Tumbling.  This action-packed class teaches the basics of floor tumbling including forward rolls, back bends, cartwheels and fundamental acrobatic strengthening and coordination skills. Our experienced instructors ensure optimal safety for all our tumblers.

Ballet.  Ballet is the “backbone” of all dance training. In ballet the student will learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. We strongly feel that ballet is the most important dance form that a child or adult can study.  All students MUST enroll in ballet.

Pointe.  Dancers must have reached Intermediate/Advance level and have been taking ballet classes for at least three years and must be at least 11 years of age. For the safety of the dancer, teacher recommendation is required for pointe shoes and they are looking for dancers with strong cores and ankle strength and dancers who are able to hold their ballet placement at barre and center. 

Jazz.  Jazz is a more energized and fun dance form. There is a lot of technique involved in jazz, but it is not as disciplined as ballet. Jazz is done to faster, more popular music. Jazz is sharp and fluid movements to create a visually technical dance and style. Body isolations, stretch, turning, leaping and technical steps are taught in this class.  There are many types of styles of jazz ranging from: Broadway Jazz, Modern Jazz, African Jazz and many more. This class consists of structure and discipline along with fun and sass.

Tap.  Tap is a traditional style of dance using the shoes with metal plates on the bottom striking the floor, creating rhythmic choreography. Tap focuses a lot on musicality and percussion.

Liturgical. Liturgical dance is a combination of dance techniques used as an expression of worship.  

Hip Hop. Refers to street dance. This high energy class is a great and fun supplement to a performer’s training.  Starts with a hip hop work out. The latest, decent, age appropriate moves that could be used on the dance floor are taught.  Styles primarily performed to clean or Christian hip hop music.     

Tumbling. Floor tumbling for dance or cheer. Students are divided by skill level – beginning, intermediate, and intermediate/advanced.

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